Framaroot APK Download for Android, iOS & PC [Latest 2020 Version]

Framaroot APK – Are you struggling to install best third party apps on your Android smartphone? Well this may happened with you because you are using un-rooted android smartphone that is locked from factory of your phone manufacturer like Samsung, LG, SONY, Xiaomi and such companies.

People used to afraid to root their smartphones because they think they will damage their phone but that is not a REAL TRUTH because rooting is the term that unlock your phone and enable some untapped awesome features of your android smartphone and once you root your android smartphone you can install cool third party app stores that bring best paid apps for free to you, or you can use Tweakbox app isn’t it awesome?


Later we all used to go to some Geeky friend or computer and smartphone expert to root our smartphones but this is not the case today because it is 2020 and we all are become techy day by day. If you still feel like you will damage your phone if you make some changes on your phone than my friend you are missing something very interesting. 

If you want to become geek and want to show off to your non-geeky friends than you need this article for sure. Because today we are going to cover one of the best rooting app with all of you, so you guys can root your android smartphones without PC and with just few taps you can root your phone with Framaroot APK.

If you want to know detailed guide on Framaroot APK Download then stick to this post and clear your each and every query related to Framaroot App

Framaroot APK – Root Android without PC

Today you will learn how Framaroot APK 2020 works as well as you will understand How to Root Android without PC with Framaroot App 2020 version. Let’s see exactly What is Framaroot APK and how it works?

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Framaroot APK App is one of the best rooting apps available for Android phone, Framaroot give power to the Android user to root their android phone without Windows PC or Laptop and they just need to tap on few buttons and they will get a brand new feature full android phone and not a boring phone like they have before. 


If you are looking for Download Framaroot APK then you’ve landed on perfect and official Framaroot APK website to grab framaroot.apk file to install it on your android devices. 

Framaroot APK supports wide range of smartphone companies that build android smartphones and tablets and this is the highlighted features of this app which makes it one and only root app you need ever. So I know now you know how to root android without pc apk with framaroot download apk.

Framaroot – Download Framaroot APK Latest 2020 Version

Framaroot works as a freeware android app that comes with those kind of features which eliminate the long process of rooting that we had done with PC in the past but not now because it is developed by XDA Developers Community, and once it launches in the market it becomes the perfect solution for people who want to root their phone like PRO and don’t want to root their phone with PC. 

If you are already founding Framaroot App on Google Play Store then you are wasting your time because it is not available on Google Play Store but you can download framaroot app 2020 version from this site for FREE yes you don’t need to pay for it.

Download Framaroot APK for Android

Below we have mentioned the complete Step by Step process so a non-techy person can also download and install framaroot apk on android phones. Let’s begin with it.


#Step 1.

Allow third party apps to install framaroot apk on your smartphone. Follow below instruction to allow third party apps.

  • Go to Settings on your phone and switch to the “general” tab, if needed.
  • Tap on the “Security”
  • Tick the check box next to the “Unknown Sources”
  • Confirm the warning message by tapping on “OK”.

#Step 2.

Download Framaroot APK – Direct Apk Download Link.

#Step 3.

Now click on the downloaded file that is available in Notification Bar, or in your download folder. Now click on Install Button and follow the process.

#Step 4.

Now you can find the Framaroot app in your app tray and you can now use it and root android without PC.

How to Root Android With PC Using Framaroot APK?

Rooting Android is one of the ways to get most out from your smartphone. It enable your phone Custom ROMs , Root App and Install third party apps and games and much more. Now let’s learn how you can root android without PC apk framaroot. 

  1. Open the Framaroot App.
  2. Select Install SuperSU from the left hand side drop-down menu.
  3. Now tap on any exploit to root your device.
  4. Now within few seconds, you will get Success Message popup.

SuperSU is an application that breaks the android phones root restrictions. If it installed successfully then your device will root within seconds. 

If in future you want your phone back in un-rooted condition like before then I have a good news for you, By Framaroot APK it is possible and you can unroot android with framaroot apk. Let’s learn how to do that.

How to Unroot Your Phone Using Framaroot?

Follow below process to unroot your android phone with framaroot apk. 

  1. Open the Framaroot.
  2. Select Unroot from drop down menu.
  3. Tap on the exploit that unrooted your device.
  4. Your device will unroot within seconds. 

Great ☺ You have unrooted your device back and now your phone will work like before you root it. I hope you are happy to know that you can root and unroot your phone whenever you want by just some clicks.

Video Tutorial on How to Download Framaroot?

This is a video tutorial guiding the process to download framaroot. It also provides instructions on how to root smartphones using framaroot.

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